Curating the Latest Styles and Trends

As a BUY-SELL-TRADE establishment, we purchase items on the spot for cash or trade value. We have recently added the consignment option for higher end designer items valued at or above $2,000 for resale.

How does it work? Based on the estimated resale value we can offer up to 50% in redeemable store credit or 30% in cash/check issued the same day. This is different than consigning as you immediately receive a cash or trade amount after the transaction.

Consignment Option: We only consign designer high-end items with a resale value of $1,500 or more. You are notified when the item sells and receive 70% of the selling price.

Selling to Rethreads

If you wish to sell to Rethreads, keep in mind that we are very selective in what we purchase. Buyers carefully curate all items for possible sale. Items must meet our standard criteria: near new condition, brands/labels, and current style trends that are in high demand. Wearable items must be freshly laundered, free of odors, pet hair, hair, stains and holes. We will accept items folded in a basket or bin and not stuffed in plastic bags. Keep in mind that only items that meet these conditions will be considered for purchase.

NOTE: We do not purchase clothing & accessories items from budget or discount stores.

Persons wishing to sell their items to Rethreads:

* You must be at least 18 years old to sell

* A state or government issued identification must be shown.

* Make sure your clothing and accessories are in great condition as we select only the best!

* Check locations for store BUY COUNTER hours:

NOTE: The State Street store will not be buying during the pandemic restrictions.

Our Odana store will continue to buy on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

(Schedule your selling appt. here)

As state above, we are very selective in what we take in. Our criteria is based on other factors beyond condition and label. Please do not take offense on items we decide to pass on. PLEASE do not take offense on items that we  pass on. There are many factors that play into our purchasing decisions; current inventory, what’s trending, brand, condition, season, size, material, and construction quality to name a few

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