Look over our selection of brands below. These are the labels we buy. If you aren’t selling these brands, odds are we will not accept your offer. If you think you have something special not on the list, give us a call and ask to speak to our buyer before making an appointment.

Selling Protocol (what we expect)

For the best chance of getting the best prices for your items, please follow these guidelines:

  • Bring your new w/tag or gently used  items that are represented by the brands/labels indicated above.
  • Clothes must be clean, wrinkle -free, and folded. (This also means free of pet-hair.)
  • For the best service, bring fewer than 12 items (non-bulk buys).  Bulk buys are treated as a group, and you will be offered one price for the entire package. Bulk buys may be rejected if an initial look-through suggests the items are either too worn, or not on our list of preferred brands.    

Make your Seller's Appointment: